Client Overview

Alpine’s goal is to meet and/or exceed all contract requirements and to conduct ourselves in such a way that our customers would recognize the value we add by ensuring all assigned staff is pre-qualified, experienced according to their skill sets, fully credentialed, able to perform successfully and motivated to work throughout the contract term.

Our Process

Alpine performs ongoing recruiting to maintain a pool of well-qualified industrial workers, and we keep our commitments to our employees. We provide a large number of industrial workers who serve throughout the nation. Our Team provides the most highly qualified staff, compensates them fairly, and manages them effectively so that they are motivated to remain throughout the contract term.

Our People

We place workers who are licensed and/or certified and typically have a minimum of one year’s experience in an industrial facility. Their credentials must be up-to-date, and they must pass a background check and a drug screen, as well as the security checks provided by the customer. We have excellent performance ratings, with high scores for recruitment, management, and retention of our industrial professionals. Along with conducting background checks, drug testing, skill verification, reference checks, and onboarding assistance, our staff is selected based on the following criteria:

  • Each is selected, credentialed, and verified to have the education, experience, competence, and knowledge to actively participate in providing services specific to their assigned units.
  • Each demonstrates proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and communicating effectively in English.
  • Each is selected according to professional initiative, interpersonal relationship skills, and social sensitivity to ensure he/she is capable to provide support to a diverse set of customers.
  • They must be trained specifically according to each customer’s mission, motivated to remain flexible to respond promptly, and to remain available to support each assignment as needed.

Background Testing
Drug Testing
Skill verification and validation
Interview preparation
Reference Checks
Ergonomic Assistance
OSHA Certification & HIPAA Certification


Why Staffing?

When businesses need access to talent and flexible workforce solutions, staffing agencies deliver. They provide the temporary and contract employees businesses need to keep fully staffed during busy times and hone their competitive edge.

Staffing agencies play a key role in maintaining companies’ competitive edge. They give businesses labor market flexibility to meet demand and respond to opportunities, and that helps create jobs. By improving the efficiency of matching workers to jobs, staffing agencies reduce the overall unemployment rate.

Alpine uses its deep relationships with companies in a huge variety of industries to match job-seekers to positions they are qualified for. Temporary and contract jobs put people to work. We offer:

Short term, temporary, or per diem assignments
Long term contract positions
Temp to hire basis
Permanent Placement / Direct Hire / Executive Search


Light Industrial

Alpine’s workers' pool encompasses a large spectrum of industrial labor categories, such as Assembler, Brazer, Welder, Machinist, Operator, Production Manager, to Quality Control Inspector. We continue to refine our approach to industrial staffing by ensuring our processes continue to evolve by working in the community, State facilities, and federal government.

Alpine has developed a battery of skills assessments for industrial roles to ensure our talent possesses the appropriate level of proficiency to perform their job duties safely. In addition to basic language and mathematical skills, Abacus also conducts evaluations for specific manual skills, including forklift fundamentals, perception, and manual dexterity.

We ensure that each candidate is qualified to operate independently and perform successfully in meeting client needs. To do this effectively, we follow a candidate-training plan, which includes OSHA, HIPAA.

We at Alpine have a tradition of delivering exceptional support, with a deep understanding of temporary industrial staffing and customer support.

Should You Work With a Staffing Partner?

There’s no end in sight to the skilled worker shortage, making it even harder for you to hire and retain the tradespeople you need. Industry analysts have noted the overlap of record-high job openings and record-low unemployment.

Partnering with Alpine Industrial Staffing, we, as experts, can be the best way to move your business forward today. Here are five reasons why:.

  • Save Time and Money. The first advantage that likely comes to mind is time savings. It can take many valuable hours to find, screen, interview, vet and hire candidates for a single position — and low application rates and competing offers can undermine these efforts. By partnering with us , you’ll have peace of mind knowing the job is getting done while you focus on growing your business.
  • Access More Qualified Candidates. You can get better results faster when you tap into our recruiters, processes and resources. Just as your company has developed expertise in bidding, designing and building projects, We have developed the expertise to help you find workers with the right skills, right cost, right experience and work ethic. When the labour market is competitive as it is today, you need every edge you can get. You can sharpen that edge by partnering with Alpine Industrial Staffing that delivers thousands of top-notch workers across trades, skills.
  • Adopt a Scalable Workforce Model. When you need one contractor/trade person for a day or an entire team on a large, long-term project, Alpine Industrial Staffing solution can help you ramp up and ramp down to complete your projects on budget and on time. Working with our staffing expert also frees you up to adopt a “core employee only” approach, keeping only core employees on your payroll and then tapping into our Workforce as and when you need it. With this method, you’ll reap the benefits of lower payroll costs, fewer headaches and the flexibility to ramp your workforce up or down as you need. Talk about a win-win!
  • Leverage Risk Controls. Our full-service staffing solution can lighten your load as well as your risk by taking on employment eligibility screening and onboarding, paying wages, managing W2s and submitting payroll taxes. We perform skill checks, integrity testing and other employment verification processes to ensure workers will meet your quality standards and are ready to work.
  • Create a True Partnership. There are added benefits when you only partner with Alpine Industrial Staffing, you can dramatically simplify day-to-day activities with a single point of contact, along with learning just one set of policies and procedures. A one-on-one relationship can reduce confusion and service gaps, as opposed to splitting your needs among agencies. By working with a single staffing agency, you build a committed, more effective, and efficient relationship with your firm—better understanding and planning your upcoming needs.

Find the right staffing solution for your business

Now that you’ve considered the benefits of not going at it alone — and reasons to partner with a single staffing expert — we have a few tips for what to look for in a staffing partner.

  • Industry experience. There are big benefits to partnering with a firm that has worked with contractors and subcontractors for decades. From the intricacies of various trades and skill designations to specific employment regulations, safety and reporting requirements, you’ll want the peace of mind that comes from working with an experienced staffing agency like us.
  • Geographic coverage. Think long-term when weighing the benefits of local, regional and national agencies. If your staffing partner has a national presence, they’ll have you covered no matter where opportunities take you. And if they have a national account team, you can enjoy a single point of contact regardless of how many projects you have going on across the country (Alpine Industrial Staffing is National staffing agency).
  • Workers across trades and skill levels. From ready-to-dispatch general laborers to master-level tradespeople, working with a single staffing agency is the easiest option for finding the workers you need quickly. A one-stop-shop model means you’ll have the flexibility to request workers of all skill and certification levels — without having to work with multiple vendors.
  • Service model. Choosing a staffing partner with an excellent customer service team can level-up your experience, especially when you have multiple projects going on at once. And for the best experience possible, look no beyond than Alpine Industrial Staffing that offers around-the-clock, 24/7 service to ensure seamless coverage.
  • Commitment to safety. It’s crucial for all workers—both permanent and temporary — to take safety seriously. So, take time to select a staffing partner who makes safety a priority by providing training and standard PPE, as well as other safety-focused procedures. Also, be sure your partner will only dispatch workers with the right tools, skills and experience to get the job done safely.
  • A culture of pride and respect. With skilled workers in such short supply, it’s essential to appreciate the talented, hard-working tradespeople who are committed to build a better tomorrow. A recognition program like Alpine Industrial Staffing Respect the craft program can boost engagement and retention within the current workforce — and help attract new talent to the trades.